Burrows Launch ‘Search for a Star’ Apprentice Programme

Burrows Motor Company are a South Yorkshire based dealer group representing Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Fiat, Mazda and Abarth.  From its conception in 1999 the company is still owned by its founder Steve Burrows; a local businessman.

Burrows have been committed to developing young people through its apprenticeship programmes for 15 years.  The company recognises that to grow its business a positive and proactive approach to seeking and developing young talent is needed.  It is needed to ensure that the business has the skills and resources in place to meet the needs of the business and customers in the future.

The way in which customers search and buy cars is evolving, with more and more people using the internet.  Also due to technical advances in cars such as electric cars and self-diagnosing cars, the way in which they are serviced / repaired is also changing at a quick pace; with technicians now needing to understand how computer programmes work as much as how a car engine and equipment works.

It was with this in mind that Burrows recognised that a new approach to recruiting apprentices was required.  The process needed to be more robust and detailed to ensure that students understood what would be required of them as well as Burrows ‘getting to know’ and fully appreciate the skills of the applicants.

Gaia Innovation Ltd. were engaged by Burrows to design and manage the Search for a Star programme, which was tailored to meet the specific needs of the business.  3 programme objectives were set:

  1. To recruit a minimum of 8 apprentices ( 4 x vehicle technician and 4 x business trainees) across their 4 Toyota sites
  2. To be recognised as a local employer of choice
  3. To enrich the educational lives of local students