Beachborough School team up with Gaia Innovation to equip their pupils for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Beachborough School has appointed Gaia Innovation to run its Inspiration for Innovation Programme, with the aim of broadening and raising the aspirations amongst its pupils and encouraging them to equip themselves with the necessary skills needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution.


The programme will be anchored by an event to celebrate the school’s new Design, Engineering and Technology facility (TED), that will enable Beachborough pupils and those from the wider community to benefit from its outstanding facilities, and find out at first hand how the skills developed in this facility have relevance in business.  Pupils will be given a greater understanding of the importance of creativity and technology skills, and will also meet with people working in advanced technology sectors that they would not normally have access to who will explain to them how technology is transforming the world.

In addition the pupils will visit a number of employers located on the Silverstone Park, arranged as a result of the relationship between Gaia Innovation and the Park and with thanks to Roz Bird,  MEPC Commercial Director.

Throughout this programme the pupils will be encouraged to equip themselves with personal, social, technology, creativity, numeracy and literacy skills needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Beachborough School has taken a pioneering step into 21st Century Skills Education by investing in such a fabulous Technology, Engineering and Design facility. I hope that our Inspiration for Innovation programme in conjunction with this facility will help to inspire the pupils of Beachborough and surrounding schools to equip themselves with the skills the UK needs for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” – Julia Muir – CEO Gaia Innovation

Programmes designed and managed by Gaia Innovation have a positive influence on young people’s attitudes toward taking STEAM related subjects at GCSE.  We use research carried out by the Education and Employers Taskforce which identified that just 4 positive interactions between a child and a person from the world of work leads to that child being 86% less likely to be NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) at 16, and to have 22% higher earnings over their lifetime. This is because meeting real people who have achieved relative success encourages youngsters to emulate it.  We also work in accordance with the 2017 National Careers Strategy and our programmes reinforce the Gatsby Benchmarks, particularly 4 and 5.