Beachborough School ‘Welcome to the Amazing World of Intelligent Mobility’ Event

On the 7th February 110 Year 7 students, 48 from Beachborough School and 62 from other local state primary schools including Roundwood Primary School, Helmdon Primary School, Finmere Primary School, Chackmore Primary School and Buckingham Primary School, took part in an Inspirational Event ‘Welcome to the Amazing World of Intelligent Mobility’ at Beachborough School as part of the Gaia Innovation ‘Inspiration for Innovation’ programme. The event was designed to give the pupils a greater understanding of the importance of technology, engineering and design in future industries such as Intelligent Mobility and the array of jobs available within these skill sets, plus to showcase Beachborough’s new TED facility to local primary school pupils and to establish relationships with these schools.  A series of activities were designed by Gaia Innovation to ensure factual information was provided to the pupils along with ‘fun’ interactive activities to emphasise the points being made.

Format of the day

Inspirational Speech: James Muir, former Chairman VW Group UK and now Chair of the Astrea Multi Academy Trust Board and Chair of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Board, spoke to the students about his personal career journey and about the importance of aiming high.

Activity Sessions:

Design & Technology – This activity was facilitated by Beachborough School and held in their new TED facility.  The pupils worked together to design and make a buggy using the latest design and drill equipment to make their designs.

Automotive Future Design and Technologies – Nicola Murphy, National Sales Manager and Stuart Gover, Lead Product Trainer from Volvo Cars UK assisted in this session speaking to the pupils about the technology advancements in the automotive industry, in particular, driverless vehicles and the impact these will have on society.  The pupils also saw a Volvo self-parking vehicle in action with an explanation of how the technology works to allow this.

Aerodynamics for Reduced Emissions – Rob Rowsell, Engineering Manager and Georgina Mobbs, Project Manager from Wirth Research spoke about the key factors driving changes in technology to meet the demands to have lower carbon emissions and fuel consumption from the transport sector.  The pupils participated in two interactive activities, one being to design their own ‘aerodynamic’ part for a vehicle.

Intelligent Mobility and Jobs of the Future – Julia Muir, CEO of Gaia Innovation hosted a panel session which included Maxine Bonwick and Hannah Cuthbert from VW Group UK, Chris Horton from Performance Projects and Becky Allen and Costa Christodoulou from ZetaSafe; speaking about intelligent mobility, jobs of the future and skills required to access future jobs.

Career Speed Networking Event:  The pupils participated in a Career Speed Networking event with sixteen professionals from businesses linked to intelligent mobility and ‘jobs of the future’ to hear from these ‘real models’ about skills required to access jobs in their businesses, their career paths and gain a greater understanding of the work their businesses do.

Inspirational Speech: Roz Bird, Commerical Director MEPC Silverstone Park closed the event with a rousing speech about the importance of self-belief and not letting barriers stand in the way of achieving your personal and career ambitions.

“Beachborough school was delighted to host its first ‘Inspiration for Innovation’ event, in association with Gaia Innovation.  Over a hundred children benefited from this experience, with over sixty from local primary schools in the area. Extending this opportunity to children from local schools was extremely exciting and we look forward to building lasting relationships with them.” – Christian Pritchard, Headmaster Beachborough Prep School

“I really enjoyed the day. The children were fantastic and clearly were engaged in the day. I had some fantastic and insightful questions with thoughts deeper than I get from my normal audiences!” – a volunteer

“I really enjoyed the interaction with the children, their questions were really good and they were a lot of fun to be with.” – a volunteer