Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day Event 29th June 2018 – Student Evaluation Summary.

On Friday the 29th June 2018, 120 female students from 10 secondary schools across South Yorkshire, ranging between years 7 to 9, attended King Edwards VII secondary school, in order to celebrate ‘International Women in Engineering Day’; the day was kindly sponsored by Arm and powered by Gaia Innovation. After the event had taken place After the event the female students were asked to complete an online survey, to measure the impact that the day had on the future aspirations of the students and the feedback from the activities. 51 students completed this survey. The results of this evaluation are presented below.


The Results:

The students were asked to rate each of the activities out of 5.0:

Rolls Royce ‘Jet Engines’  – 3.98

Arm UK ‘Bit Bot Challenge’  – 4.10

Sheffield University ‘Helping People with Disabilities’  – 4.30

Career Speed Networking event  – 4.10

Participate responses suggest that the Sheffield University ‘Helping People with Disabilities’ activity was rated as the overall favourite activity from the students, scoring 4.30 out of 5.0.


The first success outcome from the event was to inspire more of the students to consider taking triple science and/or computer science at GCSE:

Are you considering taking triple science at GCSE?   – Yes 76%   – Up by 15% from the pre-event survey

Are you considering taking computer science at GCSE?   – Yes 27%   – Up by 27% from the pre-event survey


The second success outcome was to inform the students about the variety of careers available within engineering and computer science:

Do you now have a greater understanding of careers in engineering and computer science?   – 96% agreed  Before the event 54% had an awareness of the variety of roles in engineering and computer science.



Survey results show that 96% of students stated that the ‘International Women in Engineering Day’ event had given them a greater understanding of careers available in engineering and computer science. The students were able to get an insight into the career opportunities and pathways available and be inspired to consider engineering and computer science at GCSE level. Furthermore, it is clear from feedback that the female students found it “very informative and inspiring” and “helps with job ideas”.

Student quote, “Overall, it was a very fun experience and it definitely made me more inspired to become an engineer in the future.”