Drawing the Future Awards Ceremony

Julia Muir Founder of the UK Automotive 30% Club was invited by Nick Chambers CEO of the Education and Employers Charity, to attend the “Drawing the Future” awards ceremony at the British Academy on Wednesday 28th November. The Education and Employers Charity was launched in 2009 with the vision of providing children and young people with the inspiration, motivation, knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to help them achieve their potential.

Primary school children aged between 7-11 across the nation were invited to take part in the survey and competition. They were asked to draw a picture of what they aspired to be when they were older, with the aim to raise career aspirations and understand the breadth of their horizons and to see the factors influencing choices.

There were 9 overall winners who were selected out of a staggering 13,000 children who entered the competition. The winners were awarded their prizes and were delighted to meet with the career models representing the jobs they drew.

The report found that:

  • gender stereotyping begins when children are still at primary school. With ‘sportsman’ (8 per cent), ‘social media’ and ‘gaming’ (9.4 per cent) featuring top of list of chosen careers for boys, and ‘teacher’ within the top choices for girls (18.6 per cent)
  • Children from as young as seven years old, base their career aspirations on people they know (35%). For those who didn’t, 45 per cent stated that TV, film and radio were the biggest factors influencing their choice.
  • Less than 1 per cent of children knew about a job from someone visiting their school.

Nick Chambers said “Whilst we had a wonderful and fun evening, there is a serious message behind the Drawing the Future competition and report. The report undertaken in partnership with the TES, National Association of Head Teachers, UCL Institute of Education and OECD Education shows the importance of primary aged children meeting a wide range of people doing different job.”

Julia Muir said ”In 2018 we held our Inspiring Automotive Women event at The Hill Primary Academy, a Barnsley school that participated in the Drawing the Future competition and which Gaia Innovation helped via their Inspiration for Innovation programme. It was wonderful to see how their aspirations had been raised by the end of the year after having met lots of our volunteer “real models” from within the automotive industry, and how we had managed to change their gender stereotypical assumptions about the employees of the sector . Through their Inspiring Primary brand, Education and Employer also facilitate such meaningful encounters in primary schools and I would encourage all of our Automotive 30% Club members and supporters to register with them.”


Article reference to https://www.educationandemployers.org/drawingthefutureawards/