Julia Muir Comments on the Education and Employers’ latest report which suggests encounters with the world of work can improve GCSE results

I very much welcome the Education and Employers research findings that people from the world of work engaging with youngsters in schools leads to higher levels of GCSE attainment. Gaia Innovation strives to achieve the best employment destination for every child by building positive relationships between employers and schools, and we know that youngsters are motivated to work harder for their exams when they have been inspired by an employer to choose a career path, and importantly can then understand how to access it through the required qualification levels. An apprentice or graduate talking to them about how much they enjoy their job and the GCSEs they needed, or a trip to an employer location to see the working environment and meet the management team has far more impact than simply browsing the information online or hearing it from careers teachers. Also, meeting a relatable person who explains the relevance of maths, English, language, creativity and technology skills and how they are used in their workplace every day can make those subjects come to life for the less engaged student. Nearly all of us can link our own personal career decisions to meeting a particular person or visiting a workplace in our youth. I would urge all people from all levels of organisations to volunteer in a career related activity at least once a year, or provide opportunities for work experience, and potentially inspire a young person to make positive life choices and achieve better GCSE results. Please get in touch to be involved in one of our bespoke regional Inspiration for Innovation volunteering programmes and let us match the perfect volunteering opportunity for you, or for national opportunities to help primary and secondary schools with general careers related learning activities please register through the Education and Employers’ own online system called Inspiring the Future.

To get in touch to be involved in one of our bespoke regional Inspiration for Innovation volunteering programmes please email [email protected]

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