Exploring the World of Toyota Automotive Apprenticeships – Evaluation Summary.

45 year 10 and 11 female students attended an inspiring apprenticeship day event at Toyota on November 22nd 2017, in order to gain greater understanding of apprenticeships available within the automotive industry, particularly within Toyota. After the event had taken place students were asked to complete a 10 question survey, which would measure success in terms of enjoyment, education and inspiration. 93% of participants completed the survey. The results of this evaluation are presented below.


42 out of the 45 female students participated within the questionnaire.

Of the 42 students, 100% responded with ‘Yes’ to:

  • Has today increased your knowledge of the jobs and career pathways in the automotive industry?

88% responded with ‘Yes’ to:

  • Has this event inspired you to consider an apprenticeship in the automotive industry in the future?

98% responded ‘Yes’ when questioned:

  • Would you like to be invited to another event, with a different theme, in the future?

Participant responses suggest that The Automotive Apprenticeship event was interesting (76%), inspiring (67%), informative (57%) and fun (55%) and that ‘the information given about skills needed for a career within a STEM related industry’ was useful. With 62% of respondents agreeing and 31% strongly agreeing with this statement; along with the remaining 7% responding with neutral.  


Survey results show that 100% of students stated that the event had increased their knowledge of the jobs and career paths within the automotive industry. The students were able to get an insight into Toyota’s customer service, apprenticeships and manufacturing process, through the sessions which were held throughout the day; allowing students to see how each sector operated. This helped the students to see which area may appeal to them when considering an automotive apprenticeship in the future. Furthermore, the overall feedback from students showed that the event was ‘inspiring’ and ‘informative’ achieving an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.