Importance of Creativity, Communication and People Skills

You may be surprised to hear that many of the jobs in a STEM related business are not technical. You don’t need to have a passion for science, engineering, technology or maths to love working in a STEM related industry!

All businesses need their employees to be dedicated to customer service and to providing a great customer experience. Staff need to work well as a team, care about people, and have good communication skills. Employers also look for people with leadership skills to lead projects or help customers, and organisational skills to keep track of lots of different information.



Creative thinking is an important part of any career, especially those in STEM related industries such as automotive. People have to engage in complex creative thinking to allow them to find new solutions to challenges they face. Creative thinkers need to ask questions and continue to learn and set goals. Creative thinkers need to test, validate, implement and execute ideas. You could be the person to dream up the next big thing in a STEM business, even though you may not be a STEM specialist. Creativity is a powerful thing.


Communication and People Skills

As jobs become increasingly technologically enabled, human workers differentiate themselves from machines through their ability to connect, communicate, understand and build relationships. Creative thinkers and those who put people first need to be able to share their expertise. Your input is invaluable!


You need to be able to:

  • Work collaboratively to drive innovation
  • Articulate thoughts effectively using all forms of communication in a variety of contexts
  • Listen to others in order to understand meaning, attitude and intention
  • Communicate for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Use media and technology to communicate with impact


You need effective communication and cooperation skills to listen to customer needs or interact with project partners; to be able to explain what you mean in a clear and concise way through written and spoken means; to listen and relate to other people and to act upon key information and instructions.

With people who have excellent creativity, communication and people skills we can harness the power of advanced technology to solve a customer’s problem, grow productivity and improve our world.