The Importance of STEM skills for Future Jobs

It’s important to keep in mind that whatever your education looks like, it is connected to your future life as you progress into work. Make it count and make sure that you understand the value of what you are studying and how it fits in with your future career plans.

You will have heard of STEM in school, but how do those subjects relate to the working world?

  • STEM subjects are important because technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us.
  • STEM subjects are needed to deal with changes in society, such as technological advancements and the internet of things.
  • The UK and other countries are currently facing a skills gap surrounding STEM-based job roles.
  • Having a STEM qualification makes you very employable. The UK demand for STEM cannot actually be met if more girls do not choose STEM careers.


So – what are the skills employers look for?

  • Creativity – being able to think ‘outside of the box’. To be able to look at a problem from a different perspective
  • Problem solving – STEM subjects teach you how to solve problems.
  • Intellectual Curiosity – being driven by the need to figure things out.
  • Data Driven Decision Making – employees need to be able to make a decision not just based on what they think or feel, but on scientific data that supports the best solution.
  • Flexibility – employees need to be able to adapt quickly to new demands and new situations.
  • Showing empathy for people and understanding their needs is important for helping customers and working in a team.
  • The ability to maintain accuracy in record keeping and communicate findings.
  • Confidence – studying STEM challenges create confidence by working through the unknown.


Whilst studying STEM you will be collaborating with others; asking important questions; taking leadership; and testing many ideas to reach a solution, all skills needed by employers!

Whether you choose a STEM career or another discipline entirely, the 21st Century skills gained from STEM education will follow wherever you go.