Inspiration for Innovation: Meet the teacher – Scott Wade, Senior Deputy Headteacher, Kingsthorpe College, Northampton.

We are really pleased to be able to introduce you to Scott Wade, Senior Deputy Headteacher at Kingsthorpe College in Northampton.

Scott has a really approachable and straight forward manner and makes it easy for anyone to feel comfortable around him. A real no-nonsense outlook. Having been around Scott within the college it is clear that the students there have a lot of respect for him.

Scott moved from a middle school to Kingsthorpe College when the 3 tier system in Northamptonshire was reorganised and hasn’t looked back since. He cites being appointed Deputy Headteacher at Kingsthorpe College as his biggest personal success at work and has been a teacher for 26 years. Quite an achievement in itself.

Being the best he can every day is what drives Scott. He was attracted to teaching because it allows him to have a positive impact upon those less fortunate than he is, and this is what he keeps at the forefront of everything he does in his role. There’s certainly a lot to accomplish in that role too. Scott is usually in school by 06:30 to sort out daily duties, deal with any staff absences and urgent daily business. This will be followed by senior leadership team meetings and then gate duty, welcoming in the students for the day. Scott juggles teaching, line management meetings, lunch duty, more teaching and more gate duty with detention duty and other internal SLT discussions. He’s usually home around 18:30 to grab dinner and walk the dog before continuing to work until around 21:30. I feel exhausted just writing this, I don’t know about Scott.

All the cycling he does keeps him fit and able to deal with the demands of his day. Scott cycles to work daily and cycles for pleasure and fitness, keeping his health in order is one of his main personal goals. I’m sure his children also spur him on to do this as they are pretty sporty too and he really enjoys watching them play football and taking a very active part in their happiness and wellbeing. Scott is a big believer in role models so acts as exactly that for his children, just as his parents did for him, teaching him what is important in life and instilling his strong work ethic. Scott pays tribute to them in this way.

Describing himself as kind, caring and hardworking, it would be our opinion that those are all the right attributes for being a great teacher. It’s great to know also that Scott’s colleagues at all levels are an inspiration to him and they describe him as hardworking and dedicated. The whole team really have high expectations for their school and care very much about the wellbeing and achievements that their students make.

I asked him what words of wisdom he might have for his 16-year-old self and he says “Don’t worry so much about what people think about you and don’t worry about things you can’t control”. Good advice for sure.

Finally, I’d like to share just a small naughty –  because you know teachers are humans too! Scott was once so desperate for a haircut that one of the school support staff was just styling his new ‘do’ when the Headteacher walked in. It was a hairy moment but he didn’t get put on report!

Thank you to Scott for sharing these insights into his life. We really look forward to working with him and his team again this year on the Inspiration for Innovation programme, they have all been fabulous to work with over the last year.