Intelligent Mobility Skills Workshop

Intelligent Mobility Skills Workshop – June 7th
Julia Muir attended the Intelligent Mobility Skills Workshop at Cranfield University organised by the Transport Systems Catapult.  The TCS had identified that there will be huge skills shortages not only for traditional engineering skills but particularly for disruptive” technology skills, creativity and problem solving. Julia invited along Chris Eccles the Co Head Teacher of Dinnington High School, one of the 4 schools in South Yorkshire that Gaia Innovation is partnered with through the Enterprise Adviser Network to assist with the creation of a careers strategy. Together they raised the important issue that employer engagement with schools and colleges would be essential to inspire young people, particularly girls, to become the first generation of Intelligent Mobility workers. Such engagement will now be part of the TCS Skills strategy going forward, and Dinnington High School will embed the skills required into their careers activities.