Kingsthorpe College visit MEPC Silverstone Park as part of their Inspiration for Innovation programme

Kingsthorpe College students visited Silverstone Park on the 28th of March as part of the Gaia Innovation Inspiration for Innovation programme.  The trip was designed to inspire and inform students about the opportunities available within engineering and technological industries, to create an understanding of how technology is changing jobs of the future.

Roz Bird, Commercial Director MEPC Silverstone Park welcomed the students to the park with encouragement to work hard and try their best at everything they do.  There then followed a tour of four businesses that operate in the park:

Delta Motorsport – Simon Dowson, MD spoke to the students about how electric cars are powered and the research currently underway to improve the efficiency of electric cars and why this is necessary.

David Brown Automotive – A female engineer spoke to the students about career pathways and the variety of roles available within this sector.

Ducati – An inspirational speech by Tim Maccabee MD Ducati, followed by learning about the different job roles within the business.  The students then got to view and ‘rev’ the bikes.

Hexagon – The students received a presentation about the business and what metrology is.  The students then went through to the workshop to use the technology, which included a coordinated measurement machine and arm machine where they were scanning equipment.  The students were able to scan parts of their body.

The students were asked to provide feedback about what surprised them about the careers they saw.  Statements included:

“Surprised by how diverse the job roles were and how many people it takes to get a final product”

“The careers were a lot more interesting and appealing to me that I thought they would be”

Students were also asked to state what they had learnt about technology changing jobs for the future.  Statements included:

“How jobs available today will be very different in the future and how we need to plan for jobs that are not here yet”

“There is a very serious change in technology and it will be increasing very quickly”

“That certain jobs are becoming more important as technology advances”

Julia Muir, CEO Gaia Innovation:  “We are extremely grateful to MEPC and the Silverstone Park companies for facilitating this fantastic event, enabling multiple meaningful encounters with ‘real model’ employers for the participating Kingsthorpe College students.”