Search for a Star

Search for a Star – the Inclusive Apprentice Recruitment Programme

The Gaia Innovation designed Search for a Star programme, allows us to work with businesses to develop an employer outreach strategy to inspire and inform a diverse mix of young people about the apprenticeship opportunities in their business.

Gaia Innovation designed the programme to ensure that the next generation of motor trade employees will be diverse and to help employers create an inclusive working environment.  One of our clients, Burrows Motor Company, an automotive retailer has been working with Gaia Innovation for the past four years with this programme. Burrows identified a need within their business to create a better gender balance within their workplace.  They also wanted to demonstrate that the automotive industry is an exciting industry to work in and appeal to young women about the career opportunities available to them.

This successful programme has led to the recruitment of 4 of the 5 female technicians working in the Burrows Motor Company.  Across the business, 30% of the 33 new apprentices hired have been women. As a member of the UK Automotive 30% Club; a network of automotive leaders who are taking action to hire and promote more women, Burrows is committed to achieving a better gender balance within their business and the Search for a Star programme is allowing them to take positive steps to achieve this aim.

In recognition of National Inclusion Week, we would like to celebrate the success of the Burrows Motor Company Search for A Star programme in creating a diverse network of motor trade apprentices.

If you are interested in finding out more about this innovative approach to apprenticeship recruitment, please do contact [email protected].