Silverstone Inspiration for Innovation Profile #1 – Simon Dowson, MD Delta Motorsport

Welcome to our first ‘volunteer profile’ blog. Time to get to know a bit more about the fabulous Silverstone Park volunteers on the Inspiration for Innovation programme.

We’re kicking off with Simon Dowson of Delta Motorsport, who I’d like to introduce as a passionate family man, driven and motivated by being the best he can be. This clearly radiates to the people that come into contact with Simon; on first impression, this is a person with purpose and integrity and a genuine interest in being involved.

Simon has proven to be a committed and diligent volunteer on the I4I programme, giving over and above the required effort, time and energy in supporting the aim of the programme to provide meaningful encounters for the youngsters from the three schools involved. We were very happy to present him with the inaugural Tom Maccabee award for I4I Volunteer of the year 2018-2019.

Simon drew a lot of knowledge about the motorsport industry from his father who had a business in and around the park for nearly 40 years. I guess we would say that his parents were amazing ‘real-models’ to him, both of them running the family business. In his early 20’s Simon played top-level sport and still maintains that he is highly competitive and loves to win.

As an Engineering graduate from Warwick University, he gained a scholarship at Reynard Motorsport and was able to experience a diverse range of job functions in what was at the time one of the world’s largest racing car manufacturers. This is where Simon cut his teeth and found his zeal for production and operations. When he started Delta Motorsport with business partner Nick Carpenter he was able to expand on the positives from Reynard.

For a forward-thinking and innovative engineer, Simon is exceptionally humble. I think he would admit that his considered approach to growth and the future are exceptionally important both personally and to the 45+ employees that the business supports. Simon says that he perhaps would have taken more risks in his career if he could turn back the clock and told himself to make the most of every opportunity, although it appears that his journey has been a success regardless.

Simon’s collaborative and competitive nature has seen Delta Motorsport move dynamically from being a motorsport based business into a pioneering engineering solutions provider. Being based on Silverstone Park provides Simon with constant inspiration via sight and sound. Clearly, Simon loves engineering challenges and also the opportunity to educate clients, taking vast pride in what the company does.

This really fits well with the reasons that Simon has joined the Silverstone volunteer network as part of the Inspiration for Innovation programme. Essentially he has taken up another engineering challenge by engaging with large groups of teenagers, showing them the opportunities they can have if they apply themselves, which also satisfies him as a volunteer knowing that he is able to inspire and educate those pupils. The results that Simon has helped to generate in year 1 have been great and have really made him feel like he is making a difference – keeping him happy, intrigued and motivated! A lovely link this year is that Sponne School has joined the programme and Simon is an ex-pupil.

Let’s end on congratulating Simon and his business partner Nick Carpenter who have been selected as ‘Faces of a Vibrant Economy’ by Grant Thornton. The 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy are chosen each year for their brilliant work and in recognition of their position on the forefront of change.

From the team here at Gaia we thank both Simon and Nick for supporting the Gaia Inspiration for Innovation programme sponsored by MEPC Silverstone Park. As a business, they have been outstanding.

If you would like to hear more about Simon’s journey, you can listen to the INSIDE SILVERSTONE™ PODCAST.  Hosted by Chris Broome of Longhurst here.