Transport Systems Catapult




“Our students had a great time and were interested and amazed by what they were shown. They rushed back into school to tell others about their experience.”


Paul Read, PE Teacher and Senior Head of House, Sir Herbert Leon Academy



The day was absolutely amazing and the students came away really inspired. They definitely got a lot out of it, especially from the activities. The day was organised really well with activities being long enough to engage the students but not too long so that they became restless. The enthusiasm of the people from Catapult maximised the impact on the students. It was a brilliant event to attend and we would be very keen to visit again.”


Eva Griffin, Careers and Work Experience Co-ordinator, Ousedale School

Toyota Apprenticeship Day




“This is a brilliant way forward for young people to get into a career of their choice. The activities provided progressive learning to help them gain knowledge and skills for the future.”


John Burn, Training Specialist at Toyota GB


“The sessions were linked together well and definitely clicked into their minds.”


Marie Barry, Manager of Strategic Projects at Toyota GB



“The visit has opened the students’ eyes to the opportunities and diversity of roles available to them. It’s good for female students to see what opportunities there are out there. There are also a lot more apprenticeship roles than I had assumed. Overall, I like the idea of leading away from such a male dominated industry.”


Steve Walton, Teacher at Trinity Academy


Women in Engineering




“The level of student engagement was very impressive, better than any other careers event I have attended. I also thought that the mixture of hands on activity and interaction with professionals gave the students a good flavour of what engineering is like. I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet other women in engineering roles and find out about their careers.”


Tessa Colledge, Software Engineer at Autodesk UK


“Working with the Gaia Team is incredibly easy and straightforward. From our first meeting I felt as though they were definitely what I needed. They were incredibly organised and left no stone unturned to obtain exactly what I needed and from their experience they were able to advise me on the best strategy for the day to be a great success. Gaia’s team worked tirelessly and made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire process.”  


David Kavanagh, Head of Computer Science King Edward VII School, Sheffield