Being involved with Gaia over the last few months have been extremely exciting. I’ve met a wide range of interesting and positive individuals and had the opportunity to help over 140 students from the University Technical College understand the significance of ‘Empathy and Tolerance in the Workplace’. As adults in the working environment we often take these important soft skills for granted, but presenting to 140 students gave me a newfound respect for these core skills. I look forward to working with Gaia on future events.

Anthony Priest MIRP



“I am a regional Education Champion for the Personal Finance Society, so when offered, I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the Silverstone Park Schools Programme. I presented to 30 Sixth Form students, where we spent two hours discussing my career to date, what I do as a job, the importance of examinations, and how proper financial planning can help people live the life they truly want to live. We also played a board game which promoted both good financial literacy, and my profession as a career choice. We received 100% positive experience feedback, with 2 students privately emailing me for work experience. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and look forward to attending future events.”

Chris Broome

“My experience with Gaia Innovation’s School project so far has been thoroughly enjoyable. I was aware from the off-set how this project could benefit many of the Students and Individuals we were set to meet, however one aspect that I hadn’t considered was the positive influences that these interactions would have on my own personal confidence and development. As the project grows , I feel my own awareness and identity evolving and I am beginning to recognise and understand more around my own personal skills, talents and potentials whilst hopefully enthusing the Students to do the same.

So far I have had the chance to meet many aspiring young people from a range of backgrounds, who I hope have been inspired by my own experiences and I am very much looking forward to our next event to meet many more.”

Becky Allen


“Just a quick email to thank you and your colleagues for the amazing day Thomas had at the event you organised yesterday.  He came home from school absolutely inspired, something we have not seen in Thomas for some time. He had so much to tell us about all the visitors that he had spoken to, that it is clear, they have made a huge impact on his vision for the future.”

Kingsthorpe College Parent


Dear Julia, Gaia Innovation and Business Associates

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the time and support you all committed in providing an amazing inspirational careers day for the Year 9 students at The Buckingham School last week. The energy on the day was brilliant- the students were engaged and inspired by your career stories and the range of activities on offer to them. The teachers and colleagues were in awe at the scale of the event and were impressed with the professional feel the students experienced throughout the day. Several parents have been in contact with the school to express their thanks and recalled deep and insightful conversations they have had at home with their children about the day.

The school has never hosted a day with such ambition; the scale the of the event and inspiration of the personalised career stories has resonated deeply with many students. The multitude of activities on offer was brilliant- it kept them on their toes and thinking all day about the future career possibilities but also a greater awareness of the world of work and how they will need to adapt to employment. There was always something happening, something going on that students were moving on to throughout the day. The cars for some of them was a highlight of the day, the Enterprise activity was thoroughly enjoyable. The guest speakers and speed networking- was a great personal touch to our students. Speaking with people from a variety of careers really got some of our students thinking about where their interests lie and where it could take them.

Thank you, I can see the impact of such a well organised and exciting day. The students and staff at The Buckingham School cannot thank you enough for the opportunity.

Kind regards,
Suzy Pykett
Assistant Headteacher Director of Sixth Form

“We just wanted to thank you all for your hard work and support organising the inspirational event yesterday.

We are extremely grateful to all the business professionals who gave up their day to support and inspire students. We hope they enjoyed the day as much as our students and staff did. We have already received a number of phone calls from parents thanking us for putting the day on.

Diane and I know the hard work and level of organisation that goes into days like today and we really appreciate all your efforts. Our school and our students face many challenges as you are all aware of but the impact today has had should never be underestimated.”

Scott Wade, Deputy Headteacher