Tim Maccabee, MD Ducati UK visits The Hill Primary Academy

Tim Maccabee, MD Ducati UK recently spoke with Y5 and Y6 at The Hill Primary Academy about the importance of social skills (both personal and on-line) in getting a good job in the future. His visit was part of the Gaia Innovation Inspiration for Innovation programme with the Astrea Multi Academy Trust.

Accompanied by Ryan Williams from Sheffield Motorcycle Centre, Tim spoke first about how his career has developed, his aspirations and what he loves about his job at Ducati. He then described the social skills he looks for in his team and how those skills have helped people work within the Ducati team and progress through the business.

Tim explained why the pupils need to be extra careful about their social media posts as they could come back to haunt them later in life when applying for jobs, as most businesses now look at a candidate’s social media activity. He emphasised the need to consider the appropriateness of pictures / comments before posting them.

Before Tim’s visit, the pupils had taken part in a preparation session with Gaia Innovation, examining their social skills, both in person and on social media. They were also asked to think about and discuss their good social skills.

After the event the students wrote personal thank you notes to Tim, with comments that his speech was ‘very inspiring’ and ‘we really enjoyed hearing what you had to say’.

Tim Maccabee commented it was  a pleasure to meet the children of The Hill Primary Academy. He added: “We talked about working life in a multinational company like Ducati, and the skills that everyone needs to get a good job and a successful career.

“It was great to meet such enthusiastic and engaging young people, and help them realise it’s important to develop the right behaviours and attitudes at a young age, to be well prepared to take advantage of fulfilling employment opportunities in the future.”

Julia Muir, CEO of Gaia Innovation, said “It was very kind of Tim to take a day out of his busy schedule to visit The Hill.  We know that he has a made a hugely positive impact on the children, and that they thoroughly enjoyed his talk.  Tim’s visit was one of a series  of events organised by Gaia Innovation as part of the Inspiration for Innovation Programme, that enabled the children to have multiple meaningful interactions with people from the world. The programme was sponsored by Barnsley-born businessman Trevor Leggett, and we are very grateful to him for enabling us to make this happen.”